The Rock Bottle Shop Loyalty Program has been set up so that you can earn Points which will turn into discounts when you have gained enough Points. Those Points can then be applied as a gift card toward whatever you would like to purchase.

*Certain items may not qualify for the rewards points.

**Rewards points may be edited at any time. The way they are distributed may change periodically.

Loyalty Program

Customers with store accounts are automatically enrolled. If you do not have a store account, join the Loyalty Program today by stopping in to The Rock Bottle Shop and talking to a cashier.

Earn points for qualifying purchases in store.

Rewards are issued as a discount on your current purchase. 1,000 points earns you $10 in rewards.

Redemption is easy! When you’ve gained enough points for a discount, it will prompt the cashier and you will have the option to redeem or save points.